Addiction & the Opioid Epidemic

Prescription pain killers, heroin, fentanyl, and alcohol have taken far too many of our friends and loved  ones in Westfield. Unfortunately, many of us here knew firsthand the devastation these substances could bring long before the crisis was declared an epidemic. I take this issue personally in our tight-knit community, and I would take immediate and extensive action to combat it from Boston and in our backyard.

As a State Representative for Westfield, I would urgently immediately seek a seat on the Joint Committee on Mental Health, Substance Use and Recovery. This would allow me to keep a close eye on the discussions and data surrounding these issues in Westfield and our Commonwealth.

To even begin to rid this crisis from our own households, we need to make strides in the prevention & treatment of addiction. Every result of such an investment will not show itself overnight, but Westfield cannot wait any longer. To live in a community where deadly drugs do not dissolve the potential of our people, prevention & treatment need the entirety of our attention now.

Our area has done an exceptional job in cracking down on many of those responsible for the distribution of these life-crippling substances, but an endless demand is derived from an initial addiction to prescribed pills. We must remain vigilant on the distribution of these substances through our streets and our doctors’ offices, and take action whenever evidence of such an evil crime presents itself.