Education & Our Schools

Our Westfield Public Schools made me much of what I am today. But seeing the modernization of other school districts while traveling for sports and talking to friends at college, I realized our schools were just as deserving but not receiving the same. No matter the size of Westfield’s schools compared to urban districts across Massachusetts, I would work every day to see ours received their fair share and more whenever possible.

As a State Representative, I would immediately seek a spot on the Joint Committee on Education. Grappling the effects on COVID-19 on our schools, we have seen how much they do for our community, whether it be in the summer or while kids are in attendance. Even in the heat of the pandemic, our Westfield educators were out delivering meals to the students who rely on them.

I saw teachers scrambling to make remote lesson plans just to assure my nephew and other students could receive a quality education from home. While limited social interaction was never their choice either, they did whatever they could to keep the kids connected with one another. As we inch closer to the fall with anxiety about school in the air, educators and other school staff have been working all summer to make sure Westfield makes it as safe as possible.

Our teachers, students, and school staff would have been a top priority of mine even if we were not in the midst of a pandemic. I will proudly support Westfield Public Schools in Boston and our own
backyard. If our schools cannot keep up with the times, Westfield will not be able to, either.