Honoring & Protecting our Veterans

Westfield is full of heroes. As the grandson of former military members on all sides of my family, I want Westfield to know I stand proudly with our veterans. There has never been a person in my family who was not raised with complete gratitude to these heroes of our own family and community, and that is the way it should be.

My grandpa, a Bronze Star and twice a Purple Heart recipient who fought in the second wave of D-Day, was one of the “lucky” ones to escape sickness at the recent Holyoke Soldier’s Home outbreak. Unfortunately, far too many heroes and their families were not so “lucky”. While I might not know all the families and heroes affected in Westfield just yet, I certainly know how cheated they feel. In Westfield, I will not let the greatest generation be forgotten. Not in our own backyard, and certainly not in the State House in Boston.