Our COVID-19 Recovery

As legislatures across the country learn to face the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic, states are learning what people and what sectors are being hit the hardest. While relief bills have been a part of State House discussions for weeks already, they will also unfortunately be a crucial part of the next legislative session. I will make sure Westfield does not lose its seat at the table for this next round of negotiations. In Westfield, I see our COVID-19 recovery as a 3-pronged approach pending any drastically new information. Rather than an issue that pits the economy against our healthcare system as it has been portrayed, COVID-19 is an issue that first REQUIRES healthcare solutions to create economic solutions.

  1. Getting Businesses & Employees Back on Their Feet (with All Necessary Protections)
  2. Reassessing our Grip on Mental Health & Addiction
  3. Identifying Healthcare Vulnerabilities through COVID-Related Data