Small Businesses & the State Economy

Westfield runs on its small businesses. From our craft breweries to burrito shops and bakeries, we have all found our favorites right at home. I’d be proud to fight for the families and friends that contribute to our sense of community through their business.

For example, it seems that Massachusetts is interested in passing a bill to legalize sports gambling soon. If this momentum continues, I would be a strong advocate for our local & small businesses to have a hand in the action of allowing wagers on-site. Allowing this action only at casinos, etc. would send far too many profits to corporations over our business owners in town.

I also would have approved the temporary law passed during the COVID-19 pandemic allowing restaurants and other take-out businesses to supply customers with alcohol to-go. So long as we monitor that everyone can follow these privileges safely, we owe it to our business to make as much revenue as they can during these tough times.

I hope that we have seen the worst of COVID-19 restrictions on our businesses. But now that we have seen how crippling they were to many of our small businesses, we must supply them with as much safety equipment as possible, and work alongside them to maximize their revenues. This bounce back counts on our cooperation and sense of community in Westfield and beyond.