Working Families & Unions

I benefitted immensely from growing up in a union family. When hard workers just want to make an honest living in Westfield, we have got to stand by their side on labor issues. From my grandpa at the AFL-CIO’s member organization the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC), to my dad at the city’s municipal worker union.

Working families have found a whole new way of living in the past months, and my family is no exception. My nephew worked hard through his remote learning schedule, but days often came with far too many interruptions for my mom as she continued to work from home. I am lucky I was able to get Logan through many of his assignments, but many other families and moms do not have that privilege of an extra helper during these days.

I will seek to empower our working families and union members however possible. Times like these have only shown their need for flexibility, extra protections, and a fighter in their corner. I’ll be that fighter in Boston and our own backyard.